Repairs FAQs

+ What do you charge?
I generally charge $30 an hour, which includes material costs and time. If you have a very large project I may decide to charge a flat rate. Half of the estimated cost must be put down as a deposit for me to start work. The other half is due upon completion.
+ Do you have payment plans?
We offer PayPal credit, Afterpay, or Shoppay as payment options on all your purchases from Reunion (including repairs). Please let me know if you would like to use this option and we can set it up.
+ How long will my repair take?
This depends on the size and type of repair we decide to undertake. Generally, your repair should not take more than a month to complete once received. I will likely check in weekly to update you on my progress throughout.
+ What items are a good candidate for repair?
Because there is an art to vintage repairs, they can take quite a bit of time. Repair projects are best reserved for pieces that are special. Rare, sentimental, or items that are irreplaceable are the best candidates because of the potential cost to you. I'm happy to fix hems and seams, but you might be better off buying a new pair of Madewell jeans if the cost to repair them becomes more than they are worth. I specialize in hand and machine repairs and reconstruction, I do not do invisible denim darning at this time. I can strengthen weak areas (see examples in my repairs portfolio) by machine darning, but they will be somewhat visible. I'm happy to refer you to a number of very talented artists who can perform invisible denim darning for you.
+ What materials do you use to repair?
I try to use period correct materials whenever possible. Meaning, if you send me a 40's item, I will likely repair it using material from the 40s. I have a large back stock of scrap, buttons, and zippers from various eras to choose from, which we can decide on together once you have paid your initial deposit.